History of Digital Marketing

History & Evolution of Digital Marketing.

We all heard the word, Digital marketing, lets understand its roots and how it evolved over the years.

The term was first used in year 1990 in the Launch of Archie – the first search engine & the first clickable web ad banner was launched in 1993 , yes that is 15 years ago.

Yahoo launched the first ecommerce transaction over netmarket in the year 1994. Over the next few years many search engines such as Hotbot,Alexa & looksmart came into the market.

It was in the year 1998 when the big players like Google & Yahoo search hit the market followed by Microsoft launching MSN.

In the year 2000 was the beginning of the internet bubble burst where smaller search engines where either getting acquired by big players ( Google , Yahoo & Microsoft) or had to shut down.

The First social media site sixdegrees.com which was launched in 1997 was shut down in 2000.

This was the time when big players started dominating the marketing.

The very next year i.e. 2001 , Universal music launched the first ever  mobile marketing campaign.

This was just the beginning of the digital evolution. Big names in the marketing industry were getting associated with the digital marketing and big investments started pouring in.

It was the year 2002 when Linked in was launched however initially could not create much ripples.

Following this , WordPress launched  Similar platform called Myspace in 2003.

Major & rapid changes took place in digital world during this time. Google launched GMAIL and  in the same year 2004 , Google went public.

This was just the beginning of evolution of Digital world. In the next post we will cover the journey of
other big companies like Youtube ,Amazon etc.



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